Job Hunting

Well I finally realized that I am going to have to look for another job. Right now I am looking for just about anything paying. It is not the time for me to start a new career path. I am however going to look for something that will give me experience doing some of the things I love to do.

Right now I will take just about anything part time so we can keep saving our down-payment for the house we will live in until we die. We are thinking of building if we can stay in our budget.

I would like a job that will give me grant writing experience. This will help me to build my writing skills and be more marketable to a non-profit agency. If that doesn’t happen I am looking into enrolling in some grant writing classes. If I can do this and work part time somewhere I can take a series of classes that will help me become a grant writing consultant. I would love to spend my days writing proposals for non-profits.

I am still researching these career and housing options so I can make the most educated choices possible. My husband is also going to be involved in the decision making process as well but he is not a research junkie like me.

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Really Tired Today

I was asked to stay a little longer at my job. I have a few leads on a new part time job in the field of Social Work. Going to school for over four years for a degree did not produce the results I had hoped for. The area I live in doesn’t help because we were a hot spot for the auto industry that has been rapidly declining in the last ten to twenty years.

I would love to work from home. I would love to write for a living. I would love to have a good paying part time job. So far those three things would make a perfect job for me. I don’t know how realistic it is to find all three things in one job but I would be just as happy with the appropriate combination of things. Like a part time at home job that leaves me with plenty of time to work on learning the writing styles I don’t know much about. I could do an out of the home very well paid part time job and write on the side as well.

I have been on call at an office that I really enjoy working at. I do the work the other ladies can’t get done like filing or stuffing bills into envelopes. I like the job because I am busy and because the people work well together there. I have also been working my regular job and actively searching for a new job. This plus trying to walk at least an hour a day is really wearing me out.

I really need to sit down and start with more goal setting this weekend. I am not bad with change but I do have issues organizing the chaos change brings. I don’t mind a change in schedule but I would like to know what days I will be working most of the time.

All that to say I am sorry my life is a bit hectic right now. I am working to make my dreams a reality but it is taking up a lot of my energy. When I have time to post on this blog my motivation is low. I will be back to keep this blog up and running soon.

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Time To Make My Dreams Come True

I put my two weeks notice in at my part time job today. My boss/step-dad is impossible to work for. Working for him negatively affects my health and drains my positive attitude. Two more weeks and I am free to pursue my Writing and Social Work goals.

I had already started looking for a Social Work job and I was planning to stay at my current job until a suitable replacement job was found. Things were changing at work and I decided it was best to leave before things got bad. I know that I will never work directly for family again. Well at least not for a long term position. Oh well you live and learn and hope for the best.

Today I am going to work on some articles that I can submit as samples for writing jobs and look for places to send my Social Work resume. I finished my continuing education credits and renewed my license so I am able to apply for any Ohio Social Work positions.

The only bad thing left in my life to take care of is moving out of my step-dad’s house. I pay rent and all the utilities. I even pay my rent early and sometimes 2-3 months rent in advanced. Moving will have to be put on hold until I am making an income again. I am going to choose to focus on the good things right now. I am also going to choose to work my but off to eliminate the bad things from my life. If that means eating nothing but beans and rice and saving every possible dime that is what will be done.

While I am here today I do want to say publicly that I love my mom. I don’t get along well with my step-dad but my mom is awesome. She raised me well and she is always there for me when I need her. I really hoping that with all the recent changes in our lives that we can improve our relationship by spending more time together.

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So What Does My Dream Job Look Like?

Years ago I decided I could never have my dream job that it was just impossible. I broke down and took a desk job and locked my dreams up and hid the key.  I am moving on to a new phase of my life where I am going to struggle against the consensus of the masses and make a living doing something I love. I am going to pursue my dreams with all my energy. Now I just need to figure out exactly what those dreams are.

So what do my dreams look like? I think I have mentioned I want a small farm that will supply a large portion of my food and maybe a small profit from selling surplus. Having a small farm means I will need to work outdoors much of my day several months of the year. I will have to tend to the plants and animals and I will need time for that. So my dream job would allow me to work flexible hours.

What I want from my dream job is a lot of flexibility and only a home office to report to. I want to be able to work in my pajamas some days and work from the park other days. I want to be able to take my work on the road or stay up all night working and sleep late the next day. I want to be able to stop and feed the animals and walk the dog and then pick up where I left off.

So I see a huge theme forming here….do you? I want to work mostly from home at my own pace. I also don’t want to work a traditional 9-5 punch the clock job with a boss and a long set of rules. I don’t want to try a get rich quick work at home schemes. I don’t have the illusion that I can work two hours a day and make 50k a year either. I plan to work hard and plenty of hours I just want to choose most of those hours. I see examples everyday of people who break free from the mold and I am just now able to believe that I can do it to.

I do like working with people but I prefer my work to be self-directed. I love to help people and I like to plan and organize things. More than anything I love to write. That is probably why I have 3 blogs and would start more if I didn’t have that part-time job to report to.

This month I am going to spend some time focusing on those things and my goal is to have a solid plan by the end of the month. It might end up being more than one plan, I might be limiting myself thinking that I have to choose one thing.

I did get word back about my Social Work License and I have until September of 2012 to get my continuing education in and renew my license. I will not have an active license after this month but I also won’t have to take the licensing exam again. I will have to pay a late fee but I do deserve that. I will be working on those credits starting this weekend.

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Dreams Require Patience

Asuka Sunbathing

Patience is a virtue that I don’t have. Okay maybe I have a lot more than I give myself credit for but right now I want a few things and I don’t want to wait. I am going to wait because I know it is the right thing to do but everything in me wants to make an impulse decision.

The first issue I am facing is moving. I really want a few acres where we can grow a lot of food and raise a few animals that also produce food. I want to have a second dog as well and a pond to wear out Auska (my German Shepherd) would be great. I was not worried about moving right away at first and I still wouldn’t be if people in my area would stop getting in my cars at night and stealing stuff. God only knows what they are doing they stole my CD player and then the change out of the ashtray and now I think they might be sleeping in my jeep. I can’t think of any reason why someone would keep leavening the door open unless they get their kicks out of people not being able to start their car in the mornings. I bought a good battery this time but it is still draining when the light is on for hours. Also I am pretty sure someone is trying to figure out how to quietly get the converter off so they can sell it. Things are randomly hanging from my exhaust that shouldn’t be. Luck for me I work at an automotive repair shop and can have it checked out twice a week if needed.

So what I am facing is a real desire to move right now up against my common sense that says we need to find a house we both like and that will fit our needs. It also needs to fit in our price range after we take into consideration things like fencing for the dog and any repairs that need to be done right away. I know there is crime everywhere but I want to move out in the country where at least less accessible to the common criminal. I also want a place we are going to stay a long time so we need to really like the house and we don’t want to have to do a lot of work to it right away. We can live with ugly carpet or paint but not a house that needs major structural repair.

So that leads me to the second thing I am having trouble being patient with, my business plan. Now that I have decided that coaching is not the term I want to use for a business it has placed a lot of doubt in me about what I actually want to do. That being said I am more determined than ever to transition into working for myself. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, such as freelance writing,  an online bookstore, a website that sells books that I recommend as well as consulting services…..and the list is practically endless. I want to start something now and yet I don’t exactly what it is I want to start.

I want to just start something because I want to be making extra money as soon as possible as it would help me with a bigger down-payment and emergency fund. I also am so exited about doing something I like doing that i feel like I need to do something about it now. My impulse alarm is going off and shouting at me to slow down and do the research and get a plan in place before committing to something.

So the only way I know how to deal with the little kid inside me screaming “I want it and I want it now” is to make her wait. To think about everything and don’t make decisions until I am reasonably sure they are the right ones. I have learned no matter how much I want something it is best to think about it first. If it is a life changing decision I need to pray about it too. If I want my dreams to come true I have to practice patience and look towards the ultimate goal not just the here and now.

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More Questions, More Clarity

Yesterday I have my first free coaching session. I wanted to possibly start working with a coach to learn how to make my life and coaching a big success. Well the more I got to talking with this woman the more I wanted to do something. She was very good at being motivational. She was very expensive and I told her I had to think about it and talk it over with my hubby. I am sure she is worth every penny because she is good. Now that being said when I got off the phone with her and talked with my hubby we decided we couldn’t afford that right now.

The other side of the coin was the more we talked and the more I thought, I decided to look into what it would take to get my Social Work License back and found out that it never actually expired. I have two weeks to get my training in but I have asked for an extension. I am not sure but I might be able to count the college courses I took in English at least one of them should count. If one counts I have 15 of my 30 credit hours and if all three count I just have to take an ethics course. I can sign up online to take the other courses. The only way I actually need the extension is if I can’t count any of my college courses.

So for the next 14 days or so I will be running around trying to piece this together. I think whatever business I start this will be useful. I need to make the effort to keep my license even if I don’t want a traditional Social Work job. Having the license shows that I take pride in my education not that I am bound to participate in a job I don’t want to do.

I am not sure I want to coach after talking to a coach. She was great but I don’t believe in debt except to buy a home and she was $500 dollars a month plus an equal deposit plus she insisted that I needed to go to coaching school. She said my social work degree would not cut it. She also wanted me to sign up with her for 6 months. I am all for education so it was not that I am against going to school. I just need to start something that earns more that the part time job I have now before I go spend another $80000 to get another certification. Then the only thing that certifies me to do is be a coach by the Intentional Coaching Federation. There are no laws that say you have to be certified but I think I will pass on the title of coach anyway.

I am thinking more of a consulting business. I want to help people make their dreams come true and while I want them to play a key role in planing their lives I don’t want to be afraid to give them good advice to get that plan started. Keeping that in mind I am probably going to have to join the National Association of Social Workers again as well. I will need to get some inexpensive liability insurance even if I am not actually working directly in the field. The license holds more liability with it that most people would expect. I could actually get sued just for having the credentials and having a client believe I was not following the goal of empowering them as stated in the Social Work Code of Ethics. Even if their idea of empowerment meant encouraging them to take out a huge loan they couldn’t afford to pay.

Right now I am thinking about leadership and I am going to dive into the John Maxwell books I just bought and learn about good leadership. On November 5th I am scheduled for the Dave Ramsey Entreleadership one day seminar. I am going to keep learning until I can figure out exactly what I want to do with my business idea. Learning and writing are two things I do well so hopefully as I learn I will also be able to develop a more concrete business plan.

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Starting a Business Debt Free

For the last few weeks I have been working to  learn every thing I can about starting a business. I have read a lot of articles and I am working on a few books. I have been looking for free workshops and seminars and have started small business counseling at SCORE. Yes it might be a lot more work for me to get things done without debt but I am motivated to get it done with cash. If I can’t afford it it will have to wait until I can.

As I have been reading books I have found that many of them recommend business loans. One book that was coaching specific actually recommended you stay in school for as long as possible taking advantage of the up to 200,000 dollars you could get from the government in student loans. It blew my mind to actually read those words. Now what do you do when you get out and have to start paying them with interest. I have actually had some trouble finishing the book because of all the advice that puts you in debt.

I am using all the free resources I can and the rest will be paid for with cash. I don’t believe in using debt as a tool. I am going to budget business expenses in and pay for them as I go. I am a big Dave Ramsey fan and have learned a lot from his ministry. I listen to his radio program everyday and have heard enough stories to know it can be done.

There will be a budget set monthly and I will set a maximum amount that I am going to spend. Most months we are able to save all of my income for the down-payment on a new home and we can cut back on that slightly. I can put one of my biweekly checks into a business account each month until I start making money and don’t need to supplement it with my current job.

This business does not require a lot of overhead so I am in a good position. I will need a website and billing software. I will need a reliable phone as most of the business will be 1 hour phone consultations. I don’t need an office but when we move I will look for a place with a place I can use for an office. Face to Face consultations can be done in the clients home or a place of their choosing until I can set up a home office.

The majority of money spent on this business will be for continuing education. I do already have a Bachelors in Social Work. That will help me to get started but once I have a strong client base I plan to take classes and attend workshops that will further my career. I don’t take education lightly and I think it will be detrimental to my success in this business. However it is something that can be done with cash as the business starts to make some money.

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